VOK DAMS develops NFTs for Global tire manufacturer Michelin

The experts for events and live marketing from VOK DAMS have been recently consulting Michelin on the possibilities and opportunities of brand experiences in the Metaverse. The result is a joint project for internal corporate communications and the starting signal for Michelin's future in the Metaverse. In this context, VOK DAMS developed a NFT series for the participants of a European Michelin management conference.


The Metaverse is now a solid, promising business model and the precursor for Internet 3.0 with its unbridled Virtual Reality opportunities. The Metaverse, will establish itself as a new economy, a new environment for work and socialization with new currencies and behaviors. It encompasses the digital and the physical world, private and public experiences, open and closed events. Experiences will reach a completely new level of immersion: real live experiences are in a three-dimensional VR space.

Metaverse-like worlds that integrate key elements of the future Metaverse already exist today; providing a new, powerful path for brand experience. It is all the more important that company boards, managing directors and marketing managers develop an understanding of the metaverse and the closely associated NFT technology in order to benefit from it and get a head start over their competition.

An indication that the metaverse is not just a vision but is really coming is the success of NFTs. Digital concepts can now be owned and sold. This creates the opportunity to let customers or employees participate in the brand or the company in a completely new way. NFTs are e.g. audio, video or image files that are stored on a blockchain in the form of digital assets and are therefore a type of cryptocurrency.

The Michelin NFT series consists of 120 individual digital penguins, which were presented as part of an European top management conference as an internal innovation project. The individual Michelin NFTs were used as giveaways for all participants of the event and show one of the many possibilities of marketing and communication in the Metaverse in the near future. The penguins were chosen as they reflect the values of the Michelin brand: strong, courageous, loyal and exceptionally social. They reflect the living culture at Michelin and are the internal mascots of Michelin Europe North.