pcr-testings at events with vok
dams and leeloo medical

In addition to overall hygiene concepts, testing remains an important element in the production of events, at the latest with the 2G plus rule (vaccinated and tested) of the German federal states. Whether for event guests or the crew on site, a responsible approach to health must always be the top priority and PCR tests are the gold standard here.

VOK DAMS offers a practical COVID-19 testing concept for hybrid events: a mobile, on-site medical testing producing PCR test results within just 39 minutes. This test setup is made possible in cooperation with Leeloo Medical.


(Image: MAN Truck & Bus)

Responsibility First

The VOK DAMS teams around the globe have been dealing with the challenges and solutions related to COVID-19 risk minimization at events since the start of the pandemic. Guest management processes have been adapted immediately, including – but limited to - the use of an individual assessment system, the RKI Corona warning app and temperature measuring stations. Even at 100% digital events, where the health risk primarily affects the crewmembers on site, strict hygiene and safety measures are in place.



In the event industry, rapid antigen tests are commonly being used, although according to current international studies, these tests have a significantly lower coronavirus detection rate than the PCR tests classified as the "gold standard" by the WHO. However, until now PCR tests have mainly been tied to fixed laboratories with long waiting times for results: a logistical and time-consuming effort that is not practical for live events.

To counter these waiting times, VOK DAMS, in cooperation with Leeloo Medical, has developed a practical and efficient testing concept for events, including a clinical process chain for collecting medical data prior to an event. According to Leeloo Medical, the process should start several days before an event to safely minimize the risk of infection. At the end of the chain, on the day of the event, the mobile PCR test method is brought on site in the MAN coronavirus diagnostic vehicle. The MAN van contains the innovative Bosch Vivalytic One analyzers, which can deliver up to 100 PCR test results per hour. This specific concept prevents long waiting times at events.


For questions about our hygiene concepts or the use of the MAN coronavirus diagnostic vehicle, please contact us at info@vokdams.de and +49 202 38907 - 0.

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